The Ingredients:


  • Rinse the Soft Tofu in Cold Water
  • Slice the Green Onions into long strands with a Fork (I actually learned this secret from a girl I met during my vacation in Guangzhou, it is so easy)
  • Hold the end of the Green Onion and use the fork and slice to the opposite end

  • Slice the Tofu into squares and put them into a metal plate for steaming
  • Boil water in a wok with a metal steamer holder
  • Once it boils, place tofu on the metal steamer holder
  • Cover with wok lid and lower to medium heat
  • Steam for 10 minutes maximum
  • Once it is done, get gloves and pour the liquid out from the tofu, I pour it into the wok

  • In another pan, heat up approximately 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
  • Place Green Onions on top of the Tofu
  • Once Olive Oil is heated, pour on top of the Green Onions and Tofu
  • Then add Maggi Seasoning Sauce on top

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