There are so many wonderful restaurants in the Bay Area…I wish I could just try them all! Here are some of my favorites…I am sure I’m missing a bunch, but here are just a few!

Alexander’s Steakhouse

This place has impeccable service as well as superb food! Our server, who was our personal food expert, assisted us on the perfect food pairings from one dish to the next.  We started with our order of Hamachi Shot, the fish was fresh and tasted so good with the truffled ponzu sauce, I loved it with the  ginger. Because white truffles were in season, we decided to try the Foiewan Mushi, which was a steamed egg dish with shitake mushrooms, white truffles and a little bit of foie gras. It was really really delicious, it wasn’t on the regular menu but was on their 9 course tasting menu, I’m really happy they let us order it a la carte.  After our Foiewan Mushi, we enjoyed a salad, the Ohitashi Spinach served with crab, the flavors were very citrus and refreshing.  Then came the Steaks…we ordered the humongous Tomahawk and a Dry Aged Rib Eye topped with blue cheese and yes…I added the the Seared Foie Gras on top of my rib eye. Wow, the meat was tender and the flavors were incredible! We also ordered two sides,  Creamed Spinach and Truffle French Fries.  We didn’t finish the Tomahawk, but we finished everything else!  After the entrees, we decided to get a Cheese Platter for dessert. We selected all three of their  Cow Cheese Selections, the very pungent Red Hawk, the fruity Landaff that brought out a floral taste and the stinky and delicious Stilton Blue Cheese! And of course, everyone gets their signature cotton candy, not just any cotton candy, it was grape flavored cotton candy!  This place is definitely an experience!

Asian Pearl

This is one of my parents favorite Chinese restaurants, so therefore, I eat here quite a lot, at least once a month nowadays with my mom. We come here for dim sum and for dinners, but I personally like having dim sum here more than dinner. It’s pretty busy here, so be prepared for a wait and definitely try to make reservations for dinner!  For dim sum, try everything you find appealing, you probably won’t go wrong! One thing we LOVE there and order from time to time is the Fried Pig’s Hand (i consider it the feet), it is sooo delicious! Oh, and you can always take the bone home afterwards for soup!

Bix Restaurant

I love this modern Supper Club. I’ve dined at Bix’s a couple of times, it’s always great service, a fun atmosphere and the food is always superb.  I personally try my best to reserve for the booth seating on the mezzanine, I love having a bird’s eye view.  A few of my favorite appetizers here are the tuna tartare, truffled oil french fries, ceviche and their homemade mozarella with prosciutto.  The entrees here are wonderful too, I’ve tried the American Kobe beef and the Lamb Chops! All the dishes concepts are creative, colorful, fresh and just delicious!


I *heart* steak! I’ve been told to try it at Boboquivari’s and when I finally did, I realize what everyone was talking about.  We ordered a few appetizers, the iron skillet roasted mussels were pretty darn good. We also had the crostini con burrata with dungeness crab, smoked salmon and avocado…but I have to say, I wasn’t all that impressed. The salmon overpowered the dish so it was almost pointless to have crab and avocado in it. There were so many ingredients but just one flavor. But the burrata was good (Just in case you didn’t know, a burrata is a fresh Italian cheese, made from mozzarella and cream.)   But…the Filet Mignon Bone-In…WOW…now that was DAMN GOOD!!! I was definitely impressed by the juicy and plump piece of filet mignon. And when I devoured it, I was definitely in a good mood.  I will definitely come back again for this piece of heaven!

Burma Superstar

This place is good, but the line at Burma Superstar is insanely long and so is the wait! So if you go, go on a day when you are not in a rush and have patience. When I went, we ordered while we were waiting, so by the time we sat our food was ready. My favorites here are tea leaf salad and the warm comforting vegetarian samusa soup!


Chapeau is a French Bistro, so their servings are fair, not tiny bites, so go there with a big appetite! They offer wonderful reasonable pre fixe menus with a variety of options, I don’t think I’ve ever had any complaints on my selections! One of my favorite is the Traditional Onion Soup, WOW, sooo good! I always want to try another appetizer, but I just can’t find myself to do it. Not only is the food really good, the service is exceptional, you will feel at home once you arrive!


Chutney is not located at the best areas, but this place is always packed since the Indian food here is outstanding! I swear they have the best Chicken Tikka Masala, we normally have to order 2 orders cause one is never enough! We also love their Lamb Vindaloo!  And of course we also have to get an order of the regular and onion naans!

Cordon Bleu

Cordon Bleu is a total hole in the wall,  I personally LOVE hole in the walls. The bar seating in front of the grill can accommodate maybe 10 people and they have table seating for about 6 people. When I went, I ordered the #5 option cause I wanted to try everything, it included a tasty meat sauce over rice, a piece of five spice chicken, shish kebab and a big crispy imperial egg roll.  I didn’t know what to expect, but it was the best comfort food.  This place is really busy with people lining up to get orders to go! Definitely must try if you like hole in the walls!

Gary Danko

Gary Danko is one of San Francisco’s renowned restaurant for a reason, I was so impressed! I went with the 5 course menu, but I think I could just have the 4 course next time, it was a lot of food! Dining here is an experience- from the delicious fresh ingredients to the balance of all the ingredients used in one dish. The service was superb.  I would definitely go back for another special occasion, it is definitely a place you leave thinking ‘wow’.

Great Eastern Restaurant

I used to come to Great Eastern Restaurant for dinner a lot with my family. I haven’t been back for dinner in a while but it was always really delicious Chinese food. I have returned for dim sum and it is always really GOOD! All the dumpling skins are perfect, not thick, not thin, never break, just perfect. All the ingredients inside the dumplings are fresh too! From Shrimp Dumplings, Sui Mai,  Veggie Rice Noodle Rolls, Chicken feet (one of my favorite dim sum dishes), Shark Fin Dumpling Soup (another one of my favorites, not every restaurant makes this good, but Great Eastern’s is superb), Chiu-chao style dumplings (seriously the best place to have it in the Bay Area), Steamed sticky rice in lotus leaf, Deep fried shrimp in crispy bean curd to Pan fried leek dumpling, you just can’t go wrong! And if you eat over $35.00, they can validate your parking ticket at Portsmouth Square!

Harris’ Restaurant

I used to live really close to Harris’, we drove by all the time, but we could never really afford it. But, my sister decided to set up a dinner for our wedding gift, she even selected our entire menu for us!  We started off with the half dozen oysters and crab cakes, both very fresh and good.  The amazing dishes were the entree selections, we had the Imported Japanese Kobe, a 13 oz ribeye cut of authentic, imported boneless Wagyu beef and the Filet mignon Rossini, a filet mignon with grilled foie gras and black truffle Cabernet sauce.  They were cooked to perfection as we both requested medium rare.  I do have to admit that the Japanese Kobe was fatty, but wow, it was so buttery. I think that people should try this expensive dish at least once in their life. I was eating everything with a big smile on my face. We had assorted desserts, bread pudding, cheesecake with boysenberries, pineapple sorbet and the coconut sorbet. All the desserts were really good and the sorbets were perfect after the rich entrees.  Loved the experience, loved the pianist, loved the atmosphere and love love loved the food!  This was the best gift ever!

House of Prime Rib

We got a wedding gift certificate for House of Prime Rib, another great gift! I have to admit, I am a huge steak fan, but was never a huge fan of prime rib, not too sure why. But, after I came here again for maybe the 5th time, I have to say, I was amazed with the tenderness and juiciness of my House of Prime Rib Cut! I have always loved the salad, that’s always been my favorite part of the meal!

Izakaya Mai

We came to Izakaya Mai by accident, it was one of those nights we didn’t know where to eat but noticed a line here so we decided to line up too.  Hey, it must be good since there was a line, might as well join the crowd! We ordered quite a lot of food, maybe too much, but we tried the very delicious Chanpon, the Uni Sashimi that had about  8-10 pieces of fresh uni (and yes, I ate it ALL), rich and fresh Ankimo, the highly recommended Spicy Crab Salad and the perfectly grilled Hamachi Kama! I loved all these dishes here and I’ve returned for more!


I was so happy to be introduced to Katana-Ya, talk about yummy yummy to my tummy! This place is pretty busy, so give yourself some waiting time. I really enjoyed slurping their Deep Fried Chicken Ramen, I had it with miso and a little bit of spice! Maybe it was my lucky day, but they also had some very fresh and fatty toro too!

Little Lucca Sandwich Shop & Deli

Wow…I don’t even like sandwiches, but damn Little Lucca’s was GOOD! My first shock upon arrival was the line, holy crap, it was 3pm but the line was out the door and when we got inside, it was going around in their little place!  We probably waited 30 minutes and the employees were seriously working as fast as they could. I had to get the Fire Roasted Steak, which is basically roasted NY sirloin, caramelized onion, melted cheese, Caesar dressing. I got it with EVERYTHING and their Dutch crunch. It was a HUGE sandwich, I was only able to finish half. My hubby got the Prosciutto with everything, and they gave a lot of Proscuitto. His was good, really good. But mine, it  was fantastic!

Little Sheep Hot Pot

On those cold nights, the Little Sheep Hot Pot is the best remedy! Once you walk through the doors, you will smell lamb. I highly recommend wearing something casual, you don’t want your nice fancy clothes smelling like hot pot and lamb. They offer two soup bases  in the hot pot,  a spicy one with herbs and a regular herbal one,  both are delicious and flavorful! Order whatever ingredients you want and just cook it in the hot pot!

Santa Ramen

I am a huge ramen fan, and I love Santa Ramen. I don’t like the wait, but if they have their Stewed Pork available, it is totally worth it cause I would feel like it’s my lucky day. Everytime I go, I always get the Pork Flavor with Stewed Pork, and of course, with extra noodles! And yes, when they tell me they don’t have anymore Stewed Pork, I do get sad cause then I never know what else to order, I would usually just get the simple Roasted Pork.

Swan Oyster Depot

Swan Depot has been around since 1912.  The lines are almost always long since there are about 20 counter seats, but believe me, it is seriously worth the wait! This family owned seafood joint has wonderful service and the casual feel makes you feel like you are right at home.  They offer a great raw oyster selection, selection of raw clams, even fresh uni right out of its shell!  The combination seafood salad, clam chowder and the smoked salmon are really good too. The first time I ever tried a raw oyster was actually at Swan’s and I actually had a small piece of pearl in my first oyster, I guess me and Swan’s were meant to be! If you are going to wait in line for that long, you might as well try everything!


I first saw the reviews on Bargain Bites so I thought that I should give it a try.  I didn’t know what to expect. This little family owned Burmese restaurant offers only bar seating for maybe a maximum of approximately ten guests.  Their creamy Fish Chowder Noodle Soup with fried yellow beans and Tea Salad are definite reasons to return.

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