I ♥ NYC…the city is remarkable, the people are glam, but what I truly love about NYC is all the mouth-watering food! Whether you get a snack at a hot dog stand or a gyro stand, you will love it. If you see a line, line up, there’s got to be a reason for the crowd. There are so many restaurants I still have to try but here are a few of my favorites! Until next time beautiful NYC…

A Salt & Battery

I came to A Salt & Battery for a tasting after we had a big lunch already. It was on the way, so what the heck, I really wanted to try their fried fish. The location is small, so don’t expect some high end fish & chips place. Though I was completely full from my previous meal, I was so happy that I tried their fried fish, it was deelicious!

Babbo Ristorante

Hello Mario Batali, why oh why do you not have a ristorante in San Francisco?! We went to Babbo Ristorante for a special occasion,  just a heads up, reservations may be difficult to get. I am truly grateful that we got reservations because every dish we had was heavenly.  The restaurant is so charming, quaint and busy. We ordered appetizers and shared the Grilled Octopus, Beef Cheek Ravioli, Warm Lamb’s Tongue Vinaigrette and Pig Foot “Milanese”.  They were all so delicious and the ingredients served with each brought out great flavors!  For the entree, I got the Beef Tongue and it melted like butter in my mouth! I also tried a bite of the Barbecued Squab, oh my, another great dish!  The service was superb, our server explained every detail of each dish when we asked questions! He knew how each ingredients was cooked, the flavors, everything!  Definitely try it if you can get reservations!  Oh Mario Batali, we need one of your restaurants in San Francisco!

Cafe Habana

One thing you must have, the Grilled Corn Mexican Style served with chili powder lime & cheese! OMG! It is just one of the reasons to stop by Cafe Habana! Their Grilled Skirt Steak and Cuban Sandwich are also must try’s!  It’s one busy place, but it’s  definitely worth it to stop by this cool joint!  Oh, you can get a glimpse of the restaurant in this video, Again by Lenny Kravitz!

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

During the hot summer days, the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is a great place to grab yourself a nice cold ice cream. My favorite flavor there is the Almond Cookie, it’s mixed with crunchy almond cookies!  It will put a smile on your face!

Gino’s Pizzeria

My husband actually grew up with Gino’s pizza. When he told me it was the best pizza, of course I was skeptical, can it really be the best pizza?! YES, this place has the best New York pizza, it is thin and the bottom is perfectly crisp, so it is cheesy and crunchy every bite! If you are in the area, Elmhurst (Queens), you must stop by for a slice!


Give me another one of those steamed buns with pork belly Ippudo! Yes, you are supposed to come to Ippudo for the ramen, but damn, the steamed buns with pork belly are amazing! Once you eat one and shared it all, you will want to order a second! Yes, it’s that good. Though this appetizer may beat all the appetizer dishes you order, you will still be happy with the results of the others, everything is flavorful and good. And yes, the ramen is really good too!

Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant

The best crab meat with pork steamed soup dumplings are served at Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant! I’m from SF, and there is nowhere that serves dumplings this delicious! It is completely juicy and soupy inside the dumpling and the flavors are perfect!  Service is not the best, don’t expect to have the VIP treatment.  All the servers do is take your order, drop off the order, comes back to clean the table and drops off the check when you are done.  Careful, don’t pop or rip the dumplings or the best part will leak out!

Junior’s Cheesecake

There is no cheesecake like the cheesecake at Junior’s! When you are in New York, you must have one of these! If you go to Grand Central Terminal and want a snack, stop by downstairs, you will be happy that you treated yourself to one of these! Plus, they make a great gift to bring home, the security may look at you a little funny, but he will be happy to know that you brought a piece (or a pie) of New York home!


Just thinking about the Korean food at Kunjip makes me want to drool. I have to be honest, I haven’t barbecued here, I’ve ordered the barbecue items with them cooking it in the kitchen instead. All the Korean specialties, such as soup, pancakes, casseroles are super deelicious!  And they are open 24 hours!


We almost couldn’t get reservations here, Pastis is located in the Meatpacking District and they are really busy and popular.   But luckily, they took us at 2:00pm on a Sunday afternoon! We walked in WOW’ed, this place was packed and the ambiance was so impressive. But most importantly, the food was excellent! Seriously, I loved the Croque-Madame, Chicken Liver & Foie Gras Mousse, Onion Soup Gratinee and the Baked Meringue! WOW!

Pearl Oyster Bar

I heard Pearl Oyster Bar had the best lobster roll, so I had to try it! This place is delicious and I LOVED it! And yes, the lobster roll was really really good! It wasn’t a cheap order, but how often do you get to eat lobster roll? Of course we also had to get the oysters and a clam chowder too! My tummy left really happy!

Shake Shack

I went to the Shake Shack located at Madison Square Park, and the line was insanely long! But then again, it was a really gorgeous day so maybe everyone wanted to enjoy their scrumptious burger out on Madison Square Park. The next time I go, I will take a look at the Shack Cam beforehand!

White Castle

I know, why am I blogging about White Castle. But c’mon, how can you not eat this when you are in the East Coast?! You can always substitute things around and get other tasty fried goodies! And they are steamed, tiny little burgers that are easy to eat. If you are in the East Coast, this is a must try!

Yatagan Kebab House

As my friends and I were strolling through Greenwich Village, we needed to grab a snack before dinner. So yes, the smell of this little joint  Yatagan Kebab House was calling our names. I love lamb gyro, but damn, this place has really good lamb, the smell, the spices, you name it, it has it!


This place was delious! Zenkichi is located in Brooklyn and as you approach the restaurant, it looks like someone’s backyard, it can be easily missed. The 8 Course Omakase menu is such a good deal and every dish offers great flavors and fresh ingredients! To me, this was like a hidden gem!

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