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May 26

Batter Up!

I’ve been driving by Batter Up for a while now and have been wanting to try their corn dogs! There is no seating here, it’s just a pick up to go joint.  It’s on Geneva and Mission so it’s not at the best or most convenient location, but if you are ever in the area, stop by for a quick snack! I don’t know about you, but I love corn dogs and there are not a lot of places that actually serve this delicious fried junk food. Batter Up also fries up cheese, Oreos and Twinkies! But I was only here for one thing, their corn dog. They had a huge selection of links and I couldn’t decide! So luckily for me, they sell corn dogs as one link, or you can get the Double Play which is 2 links in one or you can get the Triple Play which is 3 links in one! I went with the Double Play and got half Smoked Bratwurst and half Portuguese!  The batter was fried to perfection, the cornmeal was so tasty and crunchy, and what a difference when it’s served with specialty links! YUM! YUM! YUM!