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Mar 12

Yamo, A Great Hole in the Wall

Walk into Yamo and you will find yourself at a hole in the wall, featuring approximately 12 bar seatings surrounding their kitchen, three ladies bitching and talking in Cantonese while cooking in an organized assembly line, and people walking in and out for their pick up orders.  I went on a Friday night and there was no line, but lots of pick up orders! Don’t expect the best service, you won’t get any no matter how good looking you are. And trust me, you do not want to wear your best clothes to this place cause you will walk out smelling like their greasy kitchen. But one thing’s for sure, you will walk out happy with your delicious Burmese food!

It was just 2 of us but we were hungry! We ordered the Samusa wraps filled with fried curry spices and potatoes, the Tea Salad with tea leaves, cabbage, fresh tomato, onion, dried shrimp and a variety of fried beans, nuts and sesame seeds, Fish Chowder Noodle Soup with shredded pieces of fish and fried beans and the Yamo House Noodles mixed with fried garlic and beef! Honestly, we loved everything, they all offered wonderful flavors, I especially love their Tea Salad and Fish Chowder Noodle Soup!

And yes, if you speak Cantonese, it helps, I know we put a smile on their faces! Last but not least, Cash Only!


Jul 10

Rich Spices at Mingalaba

A friend recommended a Burmese restaurant, Mingalaba, so I went with my sister and mom. When we arrived,  it was about 6:30pm on a Sunday and there were people in line. This restaurant was busy, there were lots of people waiting, even when we finished around 8:00pm. Just a note, you can make reservations if you have 4 or more people.

When you walk into the restaurant, your senses will wake up from the delicious aromas.  When we were ordering we were very hungry and just like a Chinese quote puts it…’our eyes were wider than our stomach’. We started with the Paratha, a Burmese crispy pancake served with curry dipping sauce. Just peel the soft crispy pancake and dip it into the spicy curry dipping sauce! A little greasy but YUMMY! We then devoured the Lap Pat Dok-Tea Leaf Salad which is a mixture of imported Burmese tea leaves, tomatoes, cabbage, dried shrimp, fried garlic, sesame seeds, peanuts and split yellow peas. I personally love Tea Leaf Salad, I love the hint of the sour tea leaves taste with the crunchy ingredients!   To warm us up, we had the well flavored Moo Hing Nga-Catfish Chowder, a Burmese style fish chowder soup made with lemon grass and ginger, served with eggs, cilantro and lemons. We also added crunchy split yellow peas to it! Blend this all together and relish!

I have to admit, we were pretty stuffed after the three dishes, but we had two more dishes to go! We then enjoyed the Pumpkin Yellow Chicken with tender kabocha squash stewed with dark meat chicken, bell peppers, string beans and carrots, the sauce from this dish was perfect with our Tampoi Rice, a Burmese style saffron rice.  Last but not least, we had their House Special Noodle, a flat noodle dish combined with coconut milk,  chicken, lime leaves, yellow pea’s powder, onion and fried thin noodles. We were expecting more spiciness out of this dish, but it was not spicy at all, it was more of a creamy coconut milk sauce.  I’m not sure if we will order this again, next time we might give another noodle dish a try.

I don’t normally rave about beverages, but the spicy Ginger Lemonade (non-alcoholic of course) was delious! If you are a ginger fan, sip on this!