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Jan 16

A Little Bit of Spice and A Little Bit of Sweet at Brenda’s French Soul Food

It was a Saturday morning and we were looking forward to trying Brenda’s French Soul Food! I’ve heard so many great reviews on this place so I was very excited. The restaurant is not located in the best areas in San Francisco and the surrounding was all meter parking only, running at $3.00 per hour!  The downside, when we arrived, there were LOTS of people waiting outside, when I say lots, I mean 1.5 hours wait!  Walk inside and there’s a huge tall blackboard for the waiting list. Sign yourself up, ask for more change for the meter, treat this time as catch up time with friends and be patient!

When they finally called my name, it felt like we just won the lottery! FINALLY, I was so damn hungry!  There were 3 of us so we ordered dishes to share! We started with the Beignets which were 3 per order, we had the Plain with Powdered Sugar and the Crawfish served with Cayenne, Scallions and Cheddar! I wish we knew how ginormous the Beignets were going to be! The Plain was good, simple and lightly sweet. But the Crawfish was superb, the flavors and hint of spice was amazing, I highly recommend this savory beignet!

We each ordered a cup of their delish spicy Chicken, Sausage & Okra Gumbo and enjoyed it with the soft flaky Cream Biscuit! Luckily we only ordered one biscuit to share! Especially since we also ordered two specials, the Crispy Pork Belly with Cheesy Grits, Poached Egg and a Spicy Sauce and the Banana’s Foster French Toast! The Crispy Pork Belly with Cheesy Grits, poached egg and a spicy sauce was good, but maybe a little too rich after all the goodness we had. Next time, we will have to try the Shrimp and Grits instead. The sweet Banana’s Foster French Toast was a great way to end our meal, a little heavy, but none the less, still great!

I honestly can’t say anything negative about the food we ordered, they featured great comfort food! I can only say that we may have ordered too much food, but that gave us a chance to taste a little bit of everything Brenda’s French Soul Food has to offer!


Jul 31

Hello Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe

A friend of mine recently posted a very good question on Facebook, what is a ‘must try’ place in San Francisco.  Another friend replied that Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe was a must try place! She tried it the same day and loved it. So today, we had to try it for ourselves!  When we walked in, we loved the rich colors and the touch of  Louisiana in the casual space. They had a fairly large menu and we were not too sure what to order so we asked the person at the counter, I am pretty sure he was the owner.  He let us know that the catfish was what they sold most and the gumbo was voted San Francisco’s Best Gumbo in the SF Weekly. We ordered the “Big Easy” Seafood Platter with Fried Catfish. This platter came with two sides and we selected the Sweet Potato Fries Dusted with Cinnamon Sugar and the Jambalaya. We also ordered a bowl of Gumbo.

And WOW, everything was sooo tasty! The catfish was perfectly fried and the fish was tender and juicy! I loved the sweet potato fries , they were well done and perfectly crisped! The gumbo was voted best for a reason, it was sooo delicious, offering a strong seafood flavor and peppery aftertaste. The jambalaya was good too, but it was a little too much tomato sauce taste for me.  While eating everything, I couldn’t help but keep looking at the menu, I noticed the Biegnets, so I just had to order it to go so that I could bring something home.  The owner let me know that they taste best when hot, so we ate one while we were at the restaurant. At first I thought they would be little pieces but when I opened the bag, they were huge! We shared one and they were crispy outside and perfectly moist inside. And I am still enjoying them as I am blogging this! I can’t wait to go back for Round 2!