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Jun 26

Hurry Up and Curry Up Now

On Friday night, there was an event called Off the Grid at the Fort Mason Center. I don’t work in downtown San Francisco or in any area that is closeby to these popular food trucks and food carts, so I had to attend this event to see what everyone’s been talking about! It started at 5:00pm and I got there at 7:00pm, needless to say, quite a few food vendors ran out of food and the lines were super long for those who were still serving! I decided to wait in the long line for Curry Up Now since I’ve heard really good reviews.  I have to admit that I was afraid that they were going to tell the line that they were out of food, I think I would have cried cause I was starving. So as I stood in line in the cold windy night, I was hoping for this place not to run out of food or at least have me as their last customer. Please please please, let me make the cut.

I honestly didn’t even know what they served until I got closer to the truck to see the menu. So yes, we were waiting in line for about 30 minutes not knowing what we were planning to eat. When we finally got to the front, the girl taking the order was so nice and sweet, she was just so happy to be taking the order. Even with such an ongoing line, she was not stressed  and didn’t rush us. We wanted the Samosa but they already ran out. So we ordered the Tikka Masala Burrito with Chicken and the Kathi Roll with Beef. Both of these were really good and we loved the concept of the burrito.  And they were both very spicy so they kept us warm in the cold. I’m really glad that I finally got to try Curry Up Now, I hear that their menu changes every so often, but after trying these two items, I am sure that their other menu items will be full of spices too! LOVED it!

I heard that this Off the Grid event will be going on for a few more Fridays at the Fort Mason Center, for more information, check them out on their Off the Grid Website or on their Facebook page! I plan to try the other food trucks I didn’t get to try, and next time, I plan to get there earlier!