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May 19

Mom’s Birthday Dinner

Today was mom’s birthday so I wanted to take her out for dinner.  But, I didn’t want to bring her to Chinese food cause I feel like she eats it all the time.  My mom loves what she knows, but at the same time, she is willing to try new things depending on what it is. The last time I went to Cafe and Restaurant Montecristo, an El Salvadorean restaurant, we tried the fried Tilapia. When I saw it, it made me think of mom.  So, I decided to bring her. It’s not located at the best locations, but it is really charming and homey inside, looks like a family run business, I love mom and pop restaurants.

When we got there, they served us chips and salsa, the chips are probably fried cause they are really crispy. We ordered Pork and Cheese Pupusas, the Fried Tilapia served with rice and a Seafood Soup in a Tomato Base!  I wish I remembered the exact names of every dish but unfortunately the menus are not online! Everything we ordered was delicious, the flavors were sooo good! I think I was more worried about mom not liking the food, but she loved it too!  However, the next time we go, we must bring our own chopsticks to eat the Fried Tilapia, it’s hard to pick all the meat off a fish without chopsticks. And yes, we asked if they had chopsticks…and of course they didn’t. Haha!