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Oct 25

Flour + Water

My debate was whether or not to blog about Flour + Water, I really don’t like writing badly about restaurants. And usually when I don’t like them, I just don’t write about them. But due to the hype, I just had to.

I got there at 5:00pm to wait in line, doors open at 5:30pm but there was already a long line! So here I am, ready to be impressed, I mean, how else can a restaurant be so popular, they must be good right? They do take reservations, but from my understanding, they only take a maximum of reservations so that there’s seating for walk-in’s as well. Lucky for us, we made it in for the first seating and were seated on the communal table. The staff was super nice and quick.

There were five of us so we decided to order family style which was our server’s suggestion. We ordered appetizers, pastas, pizzas and dessert.

For the appetizers, we ordered the Smoked duck breast with pine nut, currant, parsnip & watercress and the Cured Sardines with cauliflower, turnips, young carrots & crispy kale. When we got our order, we were thankful that there were exactly 5 pieces of duck and 5 pieces of sardines. The smoked duck was flavorful but the sardines were only okay.

Since they were known for their home made pasta, we ordered the Cappellacci dei Briganti with rabbit polpettine & red Russian kale, Farro Strozzapreti with braised pork, caramelized radicchio & star anise and the Celery Root Tortelli with brown butter, balsamico & walnuts. The pasta was good although I thought that my pieces of Cappellacci dei Briganti pasta were still a little bit hard. With that being said, the rabbit and braised pork were very tasty. I think that out of the three, my favorite pasta was the Celery Root Tortelli. But again, for $17.00 a plate of pasta, they were rather small. We also ordered a side of Roasted Brussels Sprouts with guanciale & preserved lemon, it was okay as well.

From their Italian wood-fired oven, we had the Salsiccia Pizza with rabe, sausage, montasio, caramelized onions & an egg on top and the Funghi Pizza with sunchokes, chanterelles, fontina, thyme & horseradish gremolata. The Salsiccia’s ingredients were good, I’m glad we added the egg, but I didn’t think that the bottom was crispy enough, it was a bit soggy. The Funghi was just plain dry.

For the dessert, they were only serving two so we got one of each. The Chocolate Budino with espresso caramel cream & sea salt and Olive Oil & Thyme Cake. Okay, the Chocolate Budino was really good, the sea salt definitely enhanced the flavors of the espresso caramel cream. It was probably my favorite thing for the meal. But the Olive Oil & Thyme Cake was a bit dry.

Overall, I was really disappointed, maybe my expectations were too high. I walked in hoping for one of the best Italian meals, and walked out feeling like I just got ripped off.  Sorry Flour + Water, I really wanted to like you!