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Jun 17

Nice Sunny Day at Off the Grid at Civic Center

So my colleagues and I have been wanting to eat lunch at Off the Grid at Civic Center for a while now. However, our workload and weather has not been cooperating with us! But today, we finally had sunshine and time to take lunch at Off the Grid. We got there about 12:30pm and the lines were super long at every truck! I took a look at the menus to see what the trucks were offering, there was Seoul on Wheels, Southern Sandwich, Chairman Bao, JapaCurry and CupKates.

Two of us decided on Southern Sandwich and another two decided on Seoul on Wheels. I was in line for Southern Sandwich since the Texas Chopped Beef Brisket and Carolina Style Pulled Pork sounded good and I can get Korean food anytime. As we were in the long line, we noticed a sign stating how many Beef Briskets were left, there were not much left. And as we were getting closer but not close enough, we noticed the Beef Briskets were all sold out and there were a few Pulled Porks left! WHAT?! I turned around and I could hear and see this one lady bitching like crazy. I don’t blame her, but she was really bitching. And then, no more Pulled Pork. *sigh* I stayed in line anyways to get the Mac and Cheese for $2.00, it said it was jalapeno, but when I got the small little dish and tasted it, I was disappointed. It was not only small for the price, there was no spice, not salty enough and what the hell happened to the cheese?!

Luckily our friends were still in line for Seoul on Wheels.  I got the Korrito, which is basically a Korean burrito with choice of meat (mine being bulgogi, the marinated beef), spicy rice, kimchi, cheese, cilantro and sour cream. Now that I finished it, I can’t remember having any sour cream. It was good, the marinated beef was really good and tender! They were all pre-wrapped and kept warm. All my colleagues were very happy with their choices too!

Let’s put it this way, if you get there 1-1.5 hours after the event starts, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Glance at the menu but don’t put your hopes up just in case they run out of the item, the less you expect, the better. The first time I went to an Off the Grid event at Fort Mason, everyone ran out of food, luckily for me the long line at Curry Up Now was worth the wait!  It’s actually nice to go on a sunny day,  just bring your patience with you!


Jun 14

Great Night at the SF Underground Market

Note: Health Inspectors Shut Down SF Underground Market until further notice. Please check website ForageSF for more information!

Last Saturday night, we went to check out the  SF Underground Market at Public Works. Sign up to become a free member, the admission is $5.00 at the door and the vendors food price varies between $2.00-$6.00 and up each, I believe beers were about $6.00 each too.  The vendors accept cash only, but I’m not too sure about the bar. There are two shifts with different vendors for day and night. I heard from a friend that the night shift was more fun with music and libations, so night shift it was! There’s been a lot of hype about this food event so I had to see for myself. I was afraid that there was going to be a long line upon arrival, but we got there an hour after doors opened, so the line was not that long at all! However, I heard that lines were very long before the doors opened, so I guess the tip is to arrive a little later. With that being said, you don’t want to arrive too late or vendors may run out of their specialties!

There were a group of us who went, which worked out perfectly so that we could share food! When you first look at the vendors portions, they look rather small, but after trying 5-6 different food items, you will get full!

Do yourself a favor, take a stroll throughout the space, downstairs and upstairs, that way you have an idea of everything you definitely want to taste!  It can be a bit overwhelming with over 25 food vendors in a crowded space, but take your time and enjoy the scene! And don’t forget to step outside, there are food vendors outside too, they are everywhere! Like how this sounds so far? Well, it’s much better in person!

I had such a wonderful time food tasting and meeting the creators! It’s so inspiring to see the joy in their faces, showing ownership in their specialties! But most of all, they were all so proud and happy when you let them know how good their food was, cause at the end of the day, they want to make some money but also know that they created bites of happiness.

Here’s what I tried, pretty much in this order, sorry for some blurry photos, we were standing and holding the food most of the evening:

Tara Mendioro’s “Pork Belly and Chicken Adobo over Rice” – The flavors were SOOO GOOD, I am so glad we had this!

PotacoSF’s “Potato tacos with Guacamole and more” – Sadly, I could have done without.

City Smoke House’s “Pulled Pork Sandwich served with Cole Slaw and Sweet Baked Buns” – They had a line so we had to try, and yes, it was worth the wait! The Pulled Pork was moist and smoky, cole slaw was fresh, and the sweet baked buns reminded me of the good ol’ sweet Chinese buns!

Nosh This’ “Chili made with 9 Peppers and Chocolate and more” and then I revisited for the “Bacon Crack” –  OoOoOoO, the deelious chili definitely had a kick to it!  I had to buy a Bacon Crack to go, for those who don’t know, this is a Chocolate-Dipped, Butter Toffee with bits of Bacon and Almonds!

Morgans Menu’s Kalua Pig Tostadas – The slow-roasted pork was very tasty!

Grilledcheezguy’s “Grilled Cheese served with Three Cheeses and Acme Bread” – This was my FAVORITE OF THE NIGHT! All of us agreed, this was awesome!

Saucy Dumplings “Pork Bun which was like a Biscuit” – The Pork was actually very good, the biscuit was not bad also, but I thought this was rather small.

BiBimBopBowl’s “Korean Bi Bim Bop” – The flavors were good, the ingredients were very fresh, but I do love good ol’ Bibimbop in a clay pot.

Simply Mochi’s “PB&J Mochi” – This vendor was so busy that they ran out of mochis in about 2 hours! After having the “PB&J Mochi”, I can see why people bought them in a hurry!

Schulzies Bread Pudding’s “The Earl Grey Bread Pudding” – I really like bread pudding,  and this flavor was not too sweet, just perfect!

Gluttony Catering’s “Watermelon with Prosciutto, Served with balsamic vinegar” – Very refreshing, Watermelon with Prosciutto was definitely a new unique twist!

Dehesa Foods “Paté de Lapin which was a all natural rabbit, pistachios, Sauterne, thyme, Quarte Épices spice blend”, and then I got myself a “Paté de Gascogne – All natural pork, prunes, walnuts & Armagnac” to go – The Paté de Lapin was VERY GOOD, I love pate! They ran out of the to go ones for the rabbit, so I got the pork instead!

Sidesaddle Kitchen’s “Salted Watermelon Pop” – Interesting enough, this place is raw and vegan. At first taste, some people may think it’s strange to have salted watermelon, but I’m Chinese, we add salt to our watermelon. I love frozen icy drinks, this was just like a Popsicle, the perfect way to end the night in the hot venue!


Sep 02

A Beautiful Afternoon at the Ferry Building

When people from out of town visit, we love bringing them to the Ferry Building! There is just so much offered here at this beautiful historical building- food, snacks, local businesses and a breathtaking view! And for some strange reason, the last few times I’ve visited, the sun sparkled on the water.

Last week, we decided to eat burgers at the Gott’s Roadside. They have outdoor seating, which is great on a sunny day along the Embarcadero.  They also have indoor seating on those windy days and on those days you just don’t want to deal with the flying rats, the pigeons that is.  I ordered the Blue Cheese Burger, my hubby ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger and we all shared the Sweet Potato Fries.  I really enjoy the big burgers here, I especially love that they are served on a toasted egg bun.  And the Sweet Potato Fries dusted with chili spice are just so delicious and crispy, and you will love them that much more when you dip them into the house-made ranch.  One thing I didn’t get since I knew I wanted to save some room for my cup of Blue Bottle Coffee was the super yummy White Pistachio Shake.  Friends of ours ordered it and loved it!

Next stop, the long line at Blue Bottle Coffee.  We just wanted a little jolt, so we decided on a cup of regular drip coffee.  And yes, they were individually dripped by what I believe is the Bonmac Ceramic Dripper (at least it looked something like this),  not served from a coffee pot. It was a tasty strong cup of coffee, but I think that next time, I will have to try something else since I was waiting in line anyways.

I can’t wait for my next visit, hopefully we have out of town friends visit again so we have a reason to eat good and enjoy the beauty of the city!




Aug 17

Eugeapalooza: The Streetcart Wars, Food for a Great Cause

Over the  weekend, we decided to support our dear friend Eugene at an event he organizes, the Eugeapalooza! He puts together this great fundraiser to give back to the San Francisco Food Bank!  I loved it, it’s such a great idea! There were quite a few food vendors and I tasted just about everything! I had a taste of the Buffalo Wings, Bacon Cheddar Sliders, Pulled Pork Tacos with Ancho Chili Sauce & Slaw, Tandoori Ground Lamb/Beef Kebab with yogurt sauce, Mac & Cheese, and my favorite item there was the 63 Degree Sou Vide Egg by s+s gastro grub (Which was a 63 degree free range egg served with beef short rib, creamy grits, kimchi puree and chives)! I wish I had s+s gastro grub’s  Roasted Bone Marrow, but they ran out!  Overall, good times…good times…


Jun 26

Hurry Up and Curry Up Now

On Friday night, there was an event called Off the Grid at the Fort Mason Center. I don’t work in downtown San Francisco or in any area that is closeby to these popular food trucks and food carts, so I had to attend this event to see what everyone’s been talking about! It started at 5:00pm and I got there at 7:00pm, needless to say, quite a few food vendors ran out of food and the lines were super long for those who were still serving! I decided to wait in the long line for Curry Up Now since I’ve heard really good reviews.  I have to admit that I was afraid that they were going to tell the line that they were out of food, I think I would have cried cause I was starving. So as I stood in line in the cold windy night, I was hoping for this place not to run out of food or at least have me as their last customer. Please please please, let me make the cut.

I honestly didn’t even know what they served until I got closer to the truck to see the menu. So yes, we were waiting in line for about 30 minutes not knowing what we were planning to eat. When we finally got to the front, the girl taking the order was so nice and sweet, she was just so happy to be taking the order. Even with such an ongoing line, she was not stressed  and didn’t rush us. We wanted the Samosa but they already ran out. So we ordered the Tikka Masala Burrito with Chicken and the Kathi Roll with Beef. Both of these were really good and we loved the concept of the burrito.  And they were both very spicy so they kept us warm in the cold. I’m really glad that I finally got to try Curry Up Now, I hear that their menu changes every so often, but after trying these two items, I am sure that their other menu items will be full of spices too! LOVED it!

I heard that this Off the Grid event will be going on for a few more Fridays at the Fort Mason Center, for more information, check them out on their Off the Grid Website or on their Facebook page! I plan to try the other food trucks I didn’t get to try, and next time, I plan to get there earlier!


May 16

Fun Adventures with Mom and Sis

A few weeks ago, my mom saw an ad in the Chinese newspaper, she told us that she wanted to go on one of the tour packages. My sister and I laughed when she told us that it started at 7am on a Sunday morning and ended at 7pm. WHAT?! 12 hours straight?! But we decided to do this with her not really knowing what to expect, we just thought it’d be nice to spend time together doing something different. Plus we thought it’d be nice to treat her to a nice day for a Mother’s Day and birthday present.  We didn’t even let her pay for anything! =) The tour was in Mandarin and Cantonese so for a change, she had to translate all the Mandarin for us. When I think about the tour, I guess we could have visited the places ourselves, but then again, it was nice that we didn’t have to drive or translate.

We first visited the Lavender Hollow Farm, they had beautiful lavenders everywhere! My mom was super excited to buy a lavender plant while my sister and I were super excited to test out the lavender delicacies. We decided to try the Lavender Lemonade, Lavender Butter Cookies and the Lavender Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt! The Lavender Lemonade had an edible lavender which I later found out was the plant my mom bought! I tried it and that’s when I could truly smell the lavender, it was definitely a strong smell in my mouth.  Followed by the farm, we went to a Chinese Buffet place, it was horrible so I am not even going to get into that. After lunch we went to Beekman & Beekman, the honey farm, this was the other place my mom really wanted to visit. She loves honey and says it’s really good for your health. She got herself the honeycomb, she said it was good for allergies and asthma, once she said that, everyone who heard her bought themselves a honeycomb too! Haha! We also got to taste 5 different honey flavors and a few honey wines, I loved the Orange Blossom Honey and California Honey, we ended up buying quite a lot! After the honey farm, we headed to the place my sister and I were looking forward to, Oakdale Cheese featuring a variety of Gouda cheese and even a delicious German Cheesecake!  I loved the cheese and bought myself the Mild, Aged and the Smoked! YUMM!  After we tasted a slice of the Cheesecake, we ended up buying a pie home! And last but not least, they had a Grilled Mild Gouda Cheese & Ham Sandwich too, we got one, but ended up buying a second cause it was sooo good!

It was a fun adventure with my mom and sister, the weather was warm, the places we visited were unique and at the end of the day, we all had such a great time!