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Feb 12

Izakaya at Kasumi

Last night I had catch up dinner with a few friends! We decided to try Kasumi since some of us have never tried it and heard that it was pretty good. And after reading some yelp reviews, we thought it was worth checking out.  It was a Friday night so I had made reservations, but when we got there, I realized that reservations were unnecessary, the place was pretty slow and quiet. The space featured comfortable earth tones  furnishings.  When you look at the ‘Specials Menu’, some of the dishes do not specify how many  people the dish serves, so I recommend asking, we actually went through the entire menu with the server who was very attentive and sweet. She actually gave us some great suggestions, everything she suggested were very good.

I have to admit, I feel like we were the guinea pigs trying out everything on their menu, we ate a lot!  We ordered the  following skewers (2 skewers per order): Enoki wrapped with Bacon, Quail Egg wrapped with Bacon (Uzura), Pork Cheek (Tontoro), Beef Tongue (Gyutan), American Style Kobe Beef, Meatball (Tsukune) and Chicken Skin (Kawa). For the  small plates to share, we ordered: the Deep Fried Octopus (Geso Age), Capelin Smelt (Shishamo Age), Hama-Chile (Yellowtail Sashimi), Beef Tataki (Seared American Kobe with Ponzu and Fried Shallots) and the Potato Croquette. For our individual plates, we ordered: the Seafood Chawan-Mushi, Spoon of Power (Uni, Uzura, Tobiko, Negi, Kaiware, Ponzu) and Tag-Team (Pan Seared Scallop with Uni Sauce and Ankimo with Ponzu).  Ummm, yes, we ordered a lot!

Dishes we really enjoyed (the dishes that made our eye pop out and say “wow, this is good!”): American Style Kobe Beef skewer was fatty, tender and juicy, Beef Tataki which is Seared American Kobe offered tender meat and great flavors!

Dishes that we thought were good but not great (the dishes that made us say “yeah, that was okay, that was good”): Enoki wrapped with Bacon featured crunchy Enokis, Quail Egg wrapped with Bacon was an interesting concept, Beef Tongue was tender, Deep Fried Octopus was fried and salted well, Hama-Chile was fresh but nothing too spectacular, Spoon of Power was not bad but I thought I tasted more Ponzu than anything and I didn’t personally order the Tag-Team but heard that the Ankimo served was not that smooth.

Dishes that we thought were not that great (the dishes that made us say “that was not impressive”): Chicken Skin was bad and all we tasted was the grill. We found ourselves dipping it into sauces just to force ourselves to eat it. But, the biggest disappointment of the night was the Seafood Chawan-Mushi! We read really good yelp reviews and saw the pictures on yelp for this one popular dish! This was one of the reasons some of us wanted to try Kasumi. When we got it, it looked like the picture, but when we tasted it, it was not salty enough, pretty much flavorless, all of us had to put soy sauce into the steamed egg.  It was not impressive at all!

Would I go back? Maybe only for the dishes I enjoyed but sadly there are not enough reasons for me to return unless I wanted to do all you can drink beer and sake at just $15.00!  Maybe I just expected too much.