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Apr 04

Warm Weather Means Time for Some Kazu Sushi

Today it was a nice warm day so we decided to go out for some sushi, we actually wanted to try some other places but they were closed on Monday so we decided to try Kazu Sushi. When my hubby and I eat sushi, we love the appetizers, not just the fresh sashimi.

We ordered the Ankimo, Monkish Liver Pate with Ponzu Sauce, I was actually impressed by how smooth and tasty it was, we really loved it, they made it very good. The Albacore Carpaccio, thin slices of Albacore Tuna was marinated in the perfect soy, garlic cilantro vinaigrette sauce, the fish was so fresh, topped with tobiko popping in my mouth!  We also ordered the Uni Nigiri, Hamachi Nigiri, 6 piece Spicy Scallop and the Fatty Tuna Roll with cucumbers, shiso leaves and yellow pickled radish. I felt like they gave us broken pieces of Uni. I’m a huge fan of Uni, they gave us a lot but the broken pieces was a turn off, not to say it didn’t taste good. The spice from the Spicy Scallop was a very tasty creamy spice. I thought that the combination of the minced Fatty Tuna with the fresh veggies was delicious, I love shiso leaves, it always adds a refreshing flavor!  To end the meal, we had the Hamachi Kama, the Grilled Yellowtail Collar, this is my hubby’s favorite, and we love ending our Japanese dinners with this cooked dish, you can never really go wrong with this fatty, sweet and meaty part of the fish!

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal, there were definitely some surprisingly impressive dishes!  I can see ourselves returning!