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Aug 01

Dinner at the Kings-Kingdom of Dumplings & King of Noodles

Over the weekend we went to the Kingdom of Dumpling for some warm comfort food. We went on a Friday night and to our surprise we found parking and there was no line. Once we were seated, there were about 10 people waiting outside, we got really lucky, it was a good food sign for us! If you come here, don’t expect the best decor or the best service, it’s a small warm space with about 18 seats.

We started with the crunchy fresh Cucumbers served with a soy sesame garlic sauce, who would have thought this simple savory sauce would taste so good. The little boiled Shrimp and Pork Dumplings with Chives were juicy and the skin of the dumplings were made with the perfect dough, not too thick, not too thin. If you like spice, dip it in their hot sauce, I even dipped it into the sauce for the cucumbers.  We also really enjoyed the lightly ginger marinated tender Beef Tendon Soup Noodles served with bok choy and flat wide rice noodles. The biggest disappointment were the dried Xiao Long Boas.

The next day, a friend of ours wanted to go to the King of Noodles, a small Chinese restaurant. As we got the menus, we realized that this was almost the same menu from Kingdom of Dumpling! And then we found out they were sister restaurants, the only difference was that King of Noodles served hand pulled noodles! So while we were here, we ordered more dumplings and the fresh hand pulled chewy Noodles with Black Bean Sauce…it needed a little more soy sauce but the noodles texture was good!