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Sep 01

Jjampong Here I Come, Dinner at Kukje Market’s Restaurant

Okay, most people go to Kukje Market for grocery shopping. But us, we go there for dinner at the restaurant and then we walk off our food while grocery shopping for our jar of kimchee (which I always have in the fridge)! This place gets busy at an early hour and they have extended another room for seating. With that being said, their service is not the best, so don’t expect fast attentive staff. I was recently informed by a friend that after waiting for 40 minutes, their food was not served and they ended up walking out. This has not happened to me, but unfortunately I can actually see that happening there!  So if you sense it’s time to say something to the staff, please do!

The last time we went there, I fell in love with the noodles served in their Jjampong, which is a spicy soup noodle served with seafood such as mussels and shrimp.  The highlight of this dish is definitely the chewy thin udon noodles! I wish I knew what brand and type of noodles they used so that I could re-create it at home! This big bowl of soup noodles serves 2 people so we only ordered the Pork Bibimbap for a second dish, which was also very good! Normally I order the Seafood Pancake, but knowing that I didn’t want to roll out of the restaurant, we had to say no. As always, just like all Korean restaurants, there were lots of condiments to start the meal!


Jun 17

Nice Sunny Day at Off the Grid at Civic Center

So my colleagues and I have been wanting to eat lunch at Off the Grid at Civic Center for a while now. However, our workload and weather has not been cooperating with us! But today, we finally had sunshine and time to take lunch at Off the Grid. We got there about 12:30pm and the lines were super long at every truck! I took a look at the menus to see what the trucks were offering, there was Seoul on Wheels, Southern Sandwich, Chairman Bao, JapaCurry and CupKates.

Two of us decided on Southern Sandwich and another two decided on Seoul on Wheels. I was in line for Southern Sandwich since the Texas Chopped Beef Brisket and Carolina Style Pulled Pork sounded good and I can get Korean food anytime. As we were in the long line, we noticed a sign stating how many Beef Briskets were left, there were not much left. And as we were getting closer but not close enough, we noticed the Beef Briskets were all sold out and there were a few Pulled Porks left! WHAT?! I turned around and I could hear and see this one lady bitching like crazy. I don’t blame her, but she was really bitching. And then, no more Pulled Pork. *sigh* I stayed in line anyways to get the Mac and Cheese for $2.00, it said it was jalapeno, but when I got the small little dish and tasted it, I was disappointed. It was not only small for the price, there was no spice, not salty enough and what the hell happened to the cheese?!

Luckily our friends were still in line for Seoul on Wheels.  I got the Korrito, which is basically a Korean burrito with choice of meat (mine being bulgogi, the marinated beef), spicy rice, kimchi, cheese, cilantro and sour cream. Now that I finished it, I can’t remember having any sour cream. It was good, the marinated beef was really good and tender! They were all pre-wrapped and kept warm. All my colleagues were very happy with their choices too!

Let’s put it this way, if you get there 1-1.5 hours after the event starts, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Glance at the menu but don’t put your hopes up just in case they run out of the item, the less you expect, the better. The first time I went to an Off the Grid event at Fort Mason, everyone ran out of food, luckily for me the long line at Curry Up Now was worth the wait!  It’s actually nice to go on a sunny day,  just bring your patience with you!


Nov 16

Yummy Korean Food at the Restaurant at Kukje Market

I love the Kukje Market, and one thing I love about this market is their Restaurant! When we got there,  we were so happy to see that they created another room for the restaurant area! It was a small space before and the lines would get really long, so on Friday, the line  actually went fast. And the other best part about it is that both rooms have a TV and they were both showing the NBA game! On Friday nights, my hubby and I don’t want to leave the house because of the games and now, we found a place that shows them continuously!

One important thing I must convey is that service is very slow, the servers are super nice, but the kitchen is slow. So if you are having those very hungry grumple impatient days, I would not suggest eating here. Most of the time, I find myself walking to the cashier asking for the check and grabbing my own to go boxes. And really, it’s not a big deal to do this since they are very under staffed.

The food here is sooo good, I can smell the spice and taste the flavors as I am typing this! They have a variety of appetizers, tofu soups and Bibimbaps!  We ordered the Seafood Pancake, Spicy Tofu Soup with Ramen and a Seafood Bibimbap! Okay, I don’t know what it is with me, but I love Budae Jjigae, which was invented after the Korean war, when food was scarce and the Americans brought spam and hot dogs, the soup is made using spam, hot dog sausages, beans, vegetables, ramen noodles and spices.  This is the only thing I ever order at  Arang Restaurant. Anyhow, when I saw ramen for the soup, it made me think of it so I had to have it! The food took a while, but luckily Korean restaurants always serve condiments, so we were munching on kimchi, sesame flavored bean sprouts and spicy anchovies.  When the food finally came, our Seafood Pancake was perfect, cooked with lots of seafood and served with a soy sesame flavored dipping sauce! We love this dish here! The Spicy Tofu Soup with Ramen was such a comfort dish but it was definitely not a Budae Jjigae since there were no spams and all, but still very warm and delicious. The Seafood Bibimbap was HUGE and sooo  good, I think they made a much larger portion compared to the last time we ate here.  We were so happy with this dinner! The best part about eating here is that if you are early enough,  you can walk around and grocery shop after dinner to walk off the big meal, which is what we did! And the other best part is that you won’t be shopping hungry so you won’t want to buy every food item you see!


May 15

I *Heart* Korean Food

One of my favorite is definitely Korean food! I love all the flavors, all the spices and all the condiments! One thing you never see is anyone adding salt and pepper to their Korean food, that would be wrong. Last night we went to Korean Bar-B-Que, they offer a buffet. I have to say, I am a skeptic when it comes to buffets, but I love the Kalbi, Pork Belly (Sam Gyup Sal)  and Squid here!  Pork Belly is one of my favorites!  I love dipping the grilled pork belly into the peppered sesame oil, wrapping it with the lettuce and adding some bean paste and a piece of kimchi.  YUMM! And the dinner buffet is only $22.00, it’s a deal for me cause I get my money’s worth!