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Oct 17

Good Ol’ Chinese Food at MenKee Wonton

Okay, I am sure everyone’s been to this place but me. We were on Noriega Street but couldn’t decide where to eat, so MenKee Wonton was a suggestion from my hubby! This place was pretty busy inside the restaurant, but it did not compare to all the calls they got for take out! OMG, it was neverending, from my understanding, it is 10% off for take out. That could be why they were extremely busy on a Sunday afternoon, but really, the food is already really inexpensive!

The only problem with it being busy for take out, is that they kind of  forgot about the patrons in the restaurant, it took about 25 minutes until we got our first order. We ordered 3 dishes-the Deep Fried stuffed Bean Cake, Prawn Scramble Egg Fried Flat Noodle and Fukien Style Combo Fried Rice. When we got our Deep Fried stuffed Bean Cake, we scarfed it down because we were so hungry! It was a good appetizer for $2.95 and it had a black bean sauce flavored gravy…the Bean Cake was really good but the small piece of fish stuffing was not all that great. We loved the Prawn Scramble Egg Fried Flat Noodle and Fukien Style Combo Fried Rice, both had a light gravy on top to mix with the carbs.  After we got the dishes, we wished we had ordered another noodles dish because both of these dishes had similar tastes and gravy. We saw and smelled other peoples dishes and they all looked really good! All the food definitely had enough fire on the wok and we will definitely return, maybe for some take out!