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May 16

Fun Adventures with Mom and Sis

A few weeks ago, my mom saw an ad in the Chinese newspaper, she told us that she wanted to go on one of the tour packages. My sister and I laughed when she told us that it started at 7am on a Sunday morning and ended at 7pm. WHAT?! 12 hours straight?! But we decided to do this with her not really knowing what to expect, we just thought it’d be nice to spend time together doing something different. Plus we thought it’d be nice to treat her to a nice day for a Mother’s Day and birthday present.  We didn’t even let her pay for anything! =) The tour was in Mandarin and Cantonese so for a change, she had to translate all the Mandarin for us. When I think about the tour, I guess we could have visited the places ourselves, but then again, it was nice that we didn’t have to drive or translate.

We first visited the Lavender Hollow Farm, they had beautiful lavenders everywhere! My mom was super excited to buy a lavender plant while my sister and I were super excited to test out the lavender delicacies. We decided to try the Lavender Lemonade, Lavender Butter Cookies and the Lavender Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt! The Lavender Lemonade had an edible lavender which I later found out was the plant my mom bought! I tried it and that’s when I could truly smell the lavender, it was definitely a strong smell in my mouth.  Followed by the farm, we went to a Chinese Buffet place, it was horrible so I am not even going to get into that. After lunch we went to Beekman & Beekman, the honey farm, this was the other place my mom really wanted to visit. She loves honey and says it’s really good for your health. She got herself the honeycomb, she said it was good for allergies and asthma, once she said that, everyone who heard her bought themselves a honeycomb too! Haha! We also got to taste 5 different honey flavors and a few honey wines, I loved the Orange Blossom Honey and California Honey, we ended up buying quite a lot! After the honey farm, we headed to the place my sister and I were looking forward to, Oakdale Cheese featuring a variety of Gouda cheese and even a delicious German Cheesecake!  I loved the cheese and bought myself the Mild, Aged and the Smoked! YUMM!  After we tasted a slice of the Cheesecake, we ended up buying a pie home! And last but not least, they had a Grilled Mild Gouda Cheese & Ham Sandwich too, we got one, but ended up buying a second cause it was sooo good!

It was a fun adventure with my mom and sister, the weather was warm, the places we visited were unique and at the end of the day, we all had such a great time!