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Aug 28

Park Chow : Fresh, Organic and Healthy

It’s been a while since I’ve had dinner at Park Chow, so when some friends wanted a place that was reasonable and good, I suggested it.  It was a Friday night and it was packed! One thing I was really impressed by was the service, it was a stressed out environment for the staff, and they all handled themselves very well from the moment we arrived and put our names down. We were seated on the Upstairs Patio, which has a top and heat lamps, it’s a very comfortable setting.  When I got my menu, I was looking for my favorite entree, the Beef Short Ribs, but as I kept looking, I realized it was no longer available! Could this be?! This is the only other reason why I would dine here, for the Beef Short Ribs and it was nowhere to be found!!! It was quite devastating quite frankly, but I moved on and ordered myself the Beef Pot Roast hoping that it would be as good as the Short Ribs.

We started off with lots of appetizers, the ½ Wood-Baked Artichoke, Golden-Fried Calamari, Steamed Mussels and Organic Summer Tomatoes on Garlic Toast. Yes, we were starving! All the appetizers were good, some were a little more salty than expected but still tasty. Again, it was a busy night, it took quite a while to get our food.  When we finally got our food, we were all happy, a few of us ordered the Beef Pot Roast hoping that it would be good like the Beef Short Ribs, I was telling them how good that dish used to be so the Beef Pot Roast should be just as good. My hubby got his favorite, the Pork Chops, he was so hungry he ordered two! When I took a bite of my Beef Pot Roast, I was extremely disappointed! What on earth is this?! It was very difficult to slice and it was the most chewy piece of meat! Oh my, I ate a few bites as my hubby was already done with his first piece of pork chop! I felt like crying but I was starving, yes, I was very sad about this piece of meat. My hubby, the sweet man he is, looked at me and traded plates with me, he gave me his other pork chop instead, which was delicious. At the end of the meal, a friend of ours asked our busy server about the Beef Pot Roast, his words “Is this supposed to be this dry?” Our server was embarrassed and said no, it’s supposed to be more tender. Due to our disappointment, she told the manager and they took 2 out of 3 of our orders of this sad dish off our check. Overall, the food here is okay, it’s not bad, just don’t expect the Beef Pot Roast to be similar to that delicious Beef Short Ribs.