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Feb 04

Chinese New Year’s and My Birthday

This year, my birthday landed on Chinese New Year’s! So, I took a day off from work for both reasons! After all the stress from my real job, I’m glad I took the day off, I really needed it. The New Year started with lots of good fortune! To most people, good fortune means wealth, but to me, good fortune means fate and luckiness in life.  My BFF who now lives in New York flew out for one day before going away for her short vacation. Due to many flight cancellations, she was lucky enough to get on the last flight coming home to San Francisco! I met her and her mom early in the morning, she overnight-ed a pumpkin flavor Junior’s Cheesecake from New York and we started our morning with this fluffy delicious cheesecake complemented by strong coffee.  While I was there, we started to talk about food and her mom bagged up her homemade Korean Pancakes and Homemade Kimchi for me to take home! She makes the BEST Korean food, and she prepares and cooks everything properly and perfectly!

After the relaxing morning, we went to meet my mom in Chinatown. We began the afternoon at the temple,  praying and asking for a good year. We then went to have dim sum at the Great Eastern Restaurant, where we  met up with my other BFF and my sister! As they arrived, I got some more delicious gifts, some Paulette Macarons and some strawberry desserts! WOW, I seriously felt so loved to have everyone I love with me on Chinese New Year’s and my birthday, but I felt even more loved cause they all gave me what I loved most…FOOD! I never ask for gifts, I just never need anything…and what they all gave me made me realize how much they all loved me, I felt so giddy just looking at the beautiful desserts! We had such a great time enjoying yummy dim sum with my wonderful mom! I feel so damn fortunate and so blessed to have such loving people in my life, they all truly warm my heart!