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May 24

Cuban-style Baked Goods from Porto’s Bakery & Cafe

Over the weekend, my sister was in Southern California and got us a box of Cuban-style baked goods from Porto’s Bakery & Cafe! I’ve never had anything from them before, nor have I ever had Cuban-style baked goods.  Everything looked so good in the box, the crispiness, the flaky pastry, I decided to put everything in the oven instead of heating them in the microwave.

When my sister gets us snacks, it’s no joke, she really gets us all the good stuff. So here it was: a Cuban style Pork Tamale wrapped in a traditional corn husk and made with a seasoned corn based dough, filled with tender pulled pork and Cuban spices, a fried Chicken Croquette coated in panko bread crumbs and made from a mix of ground chicken seasoned with their special blend of herbs and spices, a fried Ham Croquette made from ground ham seasoned with spices and breaded, some fried Potato Balls with soft mashed potato filled with seasoned ground beef,  a light and flaky puff pastry Meat Pie filled with seasoned ground beef,  a Chorizo Pie made with their empanada dough filled with seasoned pork sausage, and for dessert, Cheese Rolls made with sweet, flaky pastry dough and filled with a light cream cheese filling.

Yes, it was a lot of food, but we enjoyed every bite of it! They smelled so tasty and the seasoned secret surprises in every piece were scrumptious goodness! The golden brown fried delicacies were fried to perfection, the flaky pastries were thinly layered and light, and the tamale was just yum, yum, yum!  If I’m ever in the area, Porto’s Bakery & Cafe will be a must visit on my list!