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Feb 27

A New Concept for Pretzels, Pretzel Crisps

The other day, a nice lady stopped by our office and dropped off some Pretzel Crisps! She was marketing their line of Pretzel Crisps to our company to sell to our clientele and we were more than happy to test them out!

I got to try 9 flavors from their Deli Style and Modern Classics.  Imagine regular pretzel chips flattened with flavors.  They are considered healthy chips, with less calories, baked and does not contain trans or saturated fats!  While I was enjoying them, I realized that some of the flavors were much stronger than others so I put them from the least amount of flavor to the most so that our palates weren’t getting ruined.  Out of the 9 flavors, I enjoyed the ‘Everything’ which reminded me of an Everything bagel; the ‘Garlic Parmesan’ offering a light taste of flavors; the ‘Buffalo Wing’ offering a very light spicy flavor and the ‘Tuscan Three Cheese’ offering a very light cheesy flavor. I thought these crispy Pretzels were good, but I can’t say I got completely addicted.  But, for those who do enjoy pretzels, I think you will enjoy this healthy new concept!