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Oct 23

A Big Big Dinner at San Tung

This evening we celebrated a birthday at San Tung. We had a big group of 14 people, so yes…the wait was quite long even though we had reservations. It was a Friday, so it was extremely busy. We ordered a lot of food, we doubled or tripled our orders!  The beauty of eating with a lot of people is that we can order more and taste dishes we may not have tried in the past.  As I am sitting here typing and completely full, I can’t believe how much food we devoured! Nothing but spicy, sweet and garlicky  flavors from 80% of our dishes! We had their Sizzling Rice Soup, Dumplings, Potstickers, Original Dry Fried Chicken (the most popular dish here which we tripled), Dry Fried Shrimp, Dried Fried Calamari, Hot Braised Flounder Filet, Black Bean Sauce Noodles, Dan Dan Noodles, Five Spice Beef Soup Noodles, Mu Shu Chicken and  Dried Sauteed String Beans! Here’s a photo, courtesy of a friend cause my hands were too busy working on the food!  I definitely got my San Tung fix!