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Jun 26

Shabu Shabu Me at Shabu House

Okay, yes…I admit it, I am a pig, I’ve never denied that. After eating half my Tikka Masala Burrito at Curry Up Now, we went to eat shabu shabu at the Shabu House.  We went to the Burlingame location since there is more parking and less of a wait than their location on Geary.

This restaurant serves three different soup bases: Traditional Water, Spicy Miso and Ginger Chicken Broth. My favorite soup base to get is the Spicy Miso, it’s really not that spicy but it’s better than the Traditional Water.  The meal comes with your choice of meat, assorted vegetables and udon. And of course it comes with two dipping sauces, the ponzu and goma (sesame) sauce. I always add lots of green onions, garlic and chili sesame oil to my ponzu.

Since I ate beforehand I didn’t want to order the All You Can Eat menu, but it turns out that it’s all or nothing. If your group orders All You Can Eat, then everyone has to. The restaurant  has encountered groups sharing food by the middle of dinner, so this became a regulation at the restaurant. So yes, I had to get the All You Can Eat ,and this time, I didn’t get my money’s worth. However, I still ate quite a lot and my tummy spent Friday night fuller than expected.