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Sep 15

Hello Bobo’s!

It was my hubby’s birthday and when I asked him where he wanted to have his dinner celebration, he requested Boboquivari’s! Yes, he has good taste too!  I highly recommend reservations, they were even busy on a Wednesday evening. I requested a nice table for two and they gave us a little nook area that made us feel like we weren’t really part of the main dining room, that was really nice.

We started off with the Iron-Skillet Roasted Mussels, if you like mussels I recommend this, dip it in the butter caper sauce and enjoy!  We also dipped the Baked Garlic & Olive Sourdough Loaf onto the iron-skillet for the strong olive flavors! I am usually one to hold off on the bread to save space in my tummy for the entrees, I think I wanted the taste of the olives with a hint of the mussels more than the bread, I couldn’t stop, the flavors were so good!

Normally we try to get different entrees so that we can share. But we both knew that going to Boboquivari’s meant that we were both getting the Bone-In Filet Mignon, medium rare please! When we got our Bone-In Filet Mignon, it was just the way we remembered it the first time we tried it. Plump, juicy, tender, perfectly seasoned and truly medium rare.  Our first bite made us both smile, and our last bite left nothing on the bone! Of course we also had a few side dishes, we loved the Modern Mac & Cheese which was made with pungent blue cheese, however, we were not as impressed with the Twice-Baked Potato and Cauliflower sauteed with Garlic and topped with Pangrattato.  Last but not least, we enjoyed the Pistachio Panna Cotta with Mango Créme Anglaise, this was good but it was not smooth like soft tofu and we didn’t taste any pistachios,  it reminded us of yummy egg custard.

Although not all the food was perfect, the real reason why we came here was for the Bone-In Filet Mignon, and that was perfect!


Jun 13

Oldie but Goodie, House of Prime Rib

House of Prime Rib is seriously and Oldie but Goodie. I am the first to admit, I love steak more than prime rib. But when I am asked to join for dinner at House of Prime Rib, I am THERE! The thought of their prime rib puts a smile on my face!

First off, make sure you have reservations, and even if you have reservations, be prepared for a wait. The service is always impeccable, with such friendly and happy staff!

We all started off with my favorite part of the meal, the ice cold fork with the big plate of salad with seasonal greens and beets tossed in their always tasty and unique house dressing.

Of course I ordered the House of Prime Rib Cut, with mashed potatoes and creamed corn since I knew my hubby was getting the creamed spinach and baked potato! As I always remind him, sharing is caring!  My prime rib was soooo tender and juicy! Once it was placed, everyone looked and said ‘Damn, that’s a good piece’. I would have to agree, it was superb goodness! And I enjoyed all the buttery sides too!


Mar 31

Yummy Dinner at San Mateo Prime

Okay okay, I know most House of Prime Rib fans are not big fans of Broadway Prime and San Mateo Prime. However, when it is a last minute spontaneous dinner, it is quite difficult to get a table at House of Prime Rib.  So we decided to go to San Mateo Prime, where there’s parking and centrally located for friends who live in San Jose, Hayward or San Francisco!

This place has a nice comfortable ambiance, unfortunately it is also very quiet due to the lack of guests. All of us ordered something different, you would think we would all ordered the prime rib but that wasn’t the case. I ordered the Dry Aged New York Steak, medium rare, charred with crushed black peppercorn, red wine and butter. For my sides, I ordered the creamed corn and fresh garlic linguine. The hubby ordered the Colorado Rack of Lamb, medium rare, seared, roasted and glazed with a fresh mint butter jus. For his sides, he got the baked potato with everything and creamed spinach. All the entrees include a salad, two sides and of course a freshly baked Popover!

I have to say, both of our entrees were fabulous, cooked and seasoned to perfection! I was happy with every bite and have no complaints and cannot wait to return for another visit! The service was also very good, I had leftover sides and took it to work, the server actually added 2 more sides in my to-go box! AWESOME, it made a great lunch!


Jan 31

San Francisco Dine About Town at Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Over the weekend we went to Ruth’s Chris Steak House to enjoy their San Francisco Dine About Town menu! I think it was our 3rd time coming here for this deal because it is always totally worth it! So, this year we had to return, I think everyone who was dining was there for the Dine About Town cause it was packed and busy throughout the evening. Even the hostess walking us to our table mentioned that they were extremely busy due to the deal! The deal starts at $34.95 and Ruth’s Chris Steak House actually offered 4 entree courses to select from. The Rib Eye, 16 oz., was offered at an additional $10.00, which made it $44.95, but it was still a great offer since the Rib Eye itself is normally $43.00 without the salad, side and dessert course!

So yes, both of us ordered the Rib Eye and also added the Potato Au Gratin!  So, we began the evening with the basic simple Mixed Salad. Then came the sizzling, marbled, juicy and perfectly medium rare Rib Eye, it was sooo delicious and words cannot express my first bite! I loved it!  We also had  our sides, the Mashed Potatoes with a hint of garlic, the cheesy Potato Au Gratin and the Creamed Spinach! The sides were good, not superb, but good. To end the meal, they served the Ruth’s Symphony, one dessert being light and sweet that reminded me of  condense milk with fruits and another being a rich chocolate mousse served in a dark chocolate cup.  We left full and completely happy!


Oct 31

1 Year Anniversary Dinner at Alexander’s Steakhouse

For our 1st year anniversary, we really couldn’t figure out where to enjoy dinner. I have to admit that I made 2 other reservations prior to deciding on Alexander’s Steakhouse. There are just too many restaurants to choose from in the Bay Area, new restaurants are popping up everyday. Since my hubby and I do not splurge a lot, we decided to do it for this special occasion.  Alexander’s Steakhouse recently opened their San Francisco location, recently being 6 weeks ago. We’ve heard great things about their Cupertino location, and just this week  their Cupertino location was awarded 1 Michelin star! I made reservations on Opentable and requested a nice table for our anniversary, once we arrived we were greeted by a really nice host who congratulated us on our 1 year anniversary.   We were seated at a nice table for two, but I have to admit that after sitting there for 4 hours, my butt began to hurt and because both of us are very tall, our legs began to feel cramped, I felt like I was on a bad flight. I think that was the only bad thing about the dinner.

Once we were seated, our server came over, and really, a server is not what I should call him, he was a very knowledgeable food guide, assisting us on the perfect food pairings from one dish to the next. There are wine sommeliers, and he was like our personal food expert. My hubby and I are not big drinkers, so he just gave us the best food recommendations instead. And even though he figured that we were not big drinkers, he gave each of us a glass of champagne to start the night since it was our anniversary, which was very sweet of him, I don’t drink but I do love a good glass of champagne.  I wish I had pictures of all the tasty food we devoured, but the lighting was dim and I didn’t want to be flashing my camera in a high end restaurant.

We started with our order of Hamachi Shot, the fish was fresh and tasted so good with the truffled ponzu sauce, I loved it with the  ginger. Because white truffles were in season, we decided to try the Foiewan Mushi, which was a steamed egg dish with shitake mushrooms, white truffles and a little bit of foie gras. It was really really delicious, it wasn’t on the regular menu but was on their 9 course tasting menu, I’m really happy they let us order it a la carte.  After our Foiewan Mushi, we enjoyed a salad, the Ohitashi Spinach served with crab, the flavors were very citrus and refreshing.  Then came the Steaks…we ordered the humongous Tomahawk and a Dry Aged Rib Eye topped with blue cheese and yes…I added the the Seared Foie Gras on top of my rib eye. Wow, the meat was tender and the flavors were incredible! We also ordered two sides,  Creamed Spinach and Truffle French Fries.  We didn’t finish the Tomahawk, but we finished everything else!

After the entrees, we decided to get a Cheese Platter for dessert. We selected all three of their  Cow Cheese Selections, the very pungent Red Hawk, the fruity Landaff that brought out a floral taste and the stinky and delicious Stilton Blue Cheese! While we  thought we were ending our dinner with a great cup of coffee, they came out with a complimentary cake for our anniversary! And after the cake, we got their signature cotton candy, not just any cotton candy, it was grape flavored cotton candy!

This dinner was definitely expensive, but wow, it was so worth it and such an experience! We loved it, it was a great way to celebrate our 1st anniversary!!!