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Mar 06

Sweet Delights at Stella Pastry & Cafe

One of my favorite dessert places in San Francisco is Stella Pastry & Cafe. I used to come here all the time for my sweet cravings! Over the weekend, we decided to come here for dessert and coffee, it’s been a long time since my last visit. As I was devouring the sweets, all I kept thinking was, ‘Damn, I miss this place!’ Stella Pastry & Cafe is a charming little place, it’s not a huge space like the other coffee joints in the area, I love how it’s  so very cozy, there’s probably only 2 tables that can seat up to 4 people.

We ordered ourselves the Chocolate Fedora with dark chocolate flakes, the layered Napoleon, the signature and prize winning Sacripantina and a plate of chewy Amoretti Cookies, complemented with our cups of caffeine of course! All the desserts were perfect, not too sweet, fluffy and addictive!  Although I no longer recognized the staff who worked there, the desserts were still as delicious! If you are ever in the area, want some sweet delights and a nice quiet night, stop by this quaint neighborhood spot!