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Jul 30

Yummy Thai Food at Bangkok Garden

It was my first time eating at Bangkok Garden.  I’ve probably drove pass this place quite a lot, but I’ve never noticed it. My sister-in-law suggested it, so here we were, in this very charming Thai restaurant. I have to admit, we haven’t had Thai food served family style in a long time, usually we go to the restaurants where we’ll just all order our own dish. So, it was really nice to taste a little bit of everything.

We ordered a lot of food, we were hungry! We ordered the Angel Wings (deep fried chicken wings stuffed with ground pork, chicken, noodles and mushrooms), Tom Yum Gai (chicken in spicy and sour soup with lemon grass), Yum Nuea (char-broiled slices of beef with mint leaves, red onion and lime juice), Tofu Eggplant (sauteed eggplant with fried tofu, onion, basil, coconut milk and chili paste), Yellow Curry with Duck (sliced duck with coconut milk, onion, potatoes and yellow curry paste), Minty Chicken (chopped chicken sauteed with chili paste and sweet basil) and the Pad Thai (pan fried rice stick noodles with prawns, chicken, eggs and bean sprouts)! I have to admit, there was no bad dish, EVERYTHING we ordered was delicious and so perfect over rice! We will definitely be back again!