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Mar 26

Some Warm Grubbin’ Food at Turtle Tower

Today I decided to take my mom to the Asian Art Museum to get ourselves cultured. But before our visit, I took her to Turtle Tower which is located just 3 blocks from the museum.  We got there right around lunch time, and the place was already packed!  We ordered the Spring Rolls with Shrimp,  I ordered the popular Chicken Noodle Soup and my mom ordered the Chicken Noodle Soup with Chicken Giblets.  The rolls were really fresh, but the best part of the meal, the Chicken Noodle Soup of course! Wow, the soup here is just so good, I usually add chili paste whenever I have Vietnamese soup noodles, but I don’t do that here. As I saw my mom getting chili paste, I quickly told her to taste the soup before ruining it!  She tasted the soup and just smiled.  This meal was perfect for this cold chilly day, and we were happy to know that we were walking it off at the museum!